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How We Operate

The appropriate inclusion or integration of students into mainstream is an important stepping stone towards autistic people being fully included as valued members of their local community. It also promotes equal opportunities.

However, autism is a spectrum condition and requires a continuum of provision. Our specialist school is part of that continuum of provision and local offer. Where a young person’s needs cannot be met full time in mainstream, they will benefit from access to more specialist support. Our school puts significant emphasis on community-based learning and shared activities with partner organisations that promote their inclusion into their local community.

The purpose of our school is to help prepare young people to make a successful transition into adulthood with the confidence and the necessary skills to live as independently as possible and participate in their local community. It is our vision to increase achievement to give our students the best possible opportunity to gain employment or access further education and go on to live the life they choose.

We provide a broad, balanced, relevant and purposeful curriculum which promotes the intellectual, personal, social and physical development of all students. The curriculum takes account of students differing abilities, experiences and profile in order to provide all students with both challenge and opportunity. Students will be able to access both the national curriculum and our own autism specialist curriculum. Our curriculum is based on our tried and tested curriculum within our schools to encapsulate best practice in autism methodology.

We will always strive to work collaboratively with local authorities, parents and the local community. Specifically, we provide outreach to local schools to prevent placement breakdowns and aim to share our expertise by providing an information and training hub for local parents and professionals.


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