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We provide specialist autism education and support children and young people in our specialist school, aged from four to 15

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What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder has been defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) as a childhood disorder classified by impairments in social cognition and restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior. This diagnosis may also be accompanied by atypical sensitivity to sensory aspects of one’s environment. As such, the question remains: “Can my child learn?” and if so, “where?”

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About Us

Autisme Rwanda brings a track record of supporting children and youth with autism spectrum disorders and raises awareness of the local environment in order to spread a concrete, positive and innovative approach throughout Rwanda. Through the leadership of Rosine D. Kamagaju, the centre was established in 2012 and currently is home to 36 children who were born with a mental disorder called autism.The children are between 2 and 15 years old. Autisme Rwanda has the motivation and the know how to offer year-round quality educational services to children and adolescents giving focus on building communication, social, behavioral, vocational, and academic skills.

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Our school is here to help prepare young people to make a successful transition into adulthood with the confidence and the necessary skills to live as independently as possible and participate in their local community. It is our vision to increase achievement to give our students the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential.


Autism expertise and knowledge

We are specialists. We provide support and education for young people on the autism spectrum and we are focused on their progress. We have developed a pioneering, innovative and flexible approach to education. When delivered by our highly trained staff and tailored to each person’s needs, they can transform a young person’s life.


Tried and tested curriculum

We provide a broad, balanced, relevant and purposeful curriculum which promotes the intellectual, personal, social and physical development of all students. Our curriculum is based on our tried and tested curriculum within our schools to encapsulate best practice in autism methodology.


Transdisciplinary approach

Our schools incorporates academic, vocational, life skills, occupational health, psychological, speech and language, social and emotional skills, and pastoral inputs and specialist autism (SPELL Framework) support that when combined well develops students’ knowledge and skills now and for the future.

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How we operate

Offer a range of different categories of placement designed to meet individual needs.

School policies

Our policies and procedures set out how we work with you and your child.

Partners and Sponsors

We have received a lot of suppport from different companies , organizations and individuals.

How you can help

Join our team

From raising money with Autisme Rwanda to campaigning for improved rights, or becoming a member of the charity, you can help in a number of ways to create a society that works for autistic children.

Send A Child to School

  • Together we can help create a new start for autistic children. We can mobilize a life-changing surge of love and support – by providing scholarships.These scholarships will ensure that children stay in school for a year - covering tuition and related school expenses.

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  • Find out how your contributions fund vital services and help autistic people and their families.

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New Application Launched To Detect Autism Among Rwandan Children

Autisme Rwanda in collaboration with Rwanda Ministry of Health through the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) celebrated the World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) 2022 by commending the efforts made to develop an android/iPhone application that will be used to detect Autism among children.Autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. This mental impairment existed since a couple of years but was not known. Children who suffered from this disorder as well as their parents were discriminated and lack access to education and healthcare, saying they are idiots, crazy or were poisoned.

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